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Last Update: 04.01.2023


ComprehensiveBuild arose from the idea of building multiple projects simultaneously and automatically. Instead of operating with the compiler by hand and change settings each time manually, ComprehensiveBuild will perform this automatically without the need of a user being present.

ComprehensiveBuild 1.2 is shareware. Starting with the next release, there will be a slightly restrictive, free version, and a commercial full version.

ComprehensiveBuild 1.2 supports:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ projects
  • Microsoft Visual Basic projects
  • automatic building of debug- and release- versions
  • RebuildAll und Clean - functionality
  • continuous reporting of all build progress messages
  • automatic versionating of projects
  • administration of project - packages
  • Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000
  • german and english version

Download Comprehensive Build 1.2
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ComprehensiveBuild 1.3 will:

  • have a detailed listing of all failed actions that have happened during building.
  • be separated into two versions, a free one with little restrictions, and a commercially available full version.

Support, feedback, requests

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In case of a problem, please include a detailed description of the issue, your hardware, windows version, and a screenshot if possible.