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Last Update: 04.01.2023


AccountCheck can uncover certain security specific data. Some attributes of the current user account are shown, for example the affiliation to user groups, and the privileges granted.

AccountCheck 1.01 may be downloaded freely for private usage.

AccountCheck 1.01 can:

  • show SID, friendly name and distinguished name of the current account
  • indicate if the current account is logged on locally or in a domain
  • show the domain server, if available
  • list all user groups of a windows account
  • list all privileges of a windows account
  • test, if a certain combination of user account and password ist valid
  • run on Windows NT 4.0, 2000 und XP

For some of these features you need certain user rights and privileges to perform them.

Detailed information about the technical background can be found (only in german) in our security - article.

Download AccountCheck 1.01

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